WhatsApp is adding the choice to conceal your ‘Last Seen’ status from explicit contacts – 我的笔记本

WhatsApp is adding the choice to conceal your ‘Last Seen’ status from explicit contacts

The company is currently beta testing the feature on Android and iOS.

This week, WhatsApp started carrying out emoticon responses. Furthermore, it seems as though the organization could before long carry out another late component. With the most recent beta arrival of its iOS application, WhatsApp has added a choice that permits clients to restrict explicit people from seeing their "Last Scene" status, as indicated by WABetaInfo.

On the off chance that you're curious about that piece of WhatsApp, the element shows when somebody last checked the application, and it's a method for seeing whether a contact might have possibly seen your message regardless of whether they have perused receipts switched off. For some time now, WhatsApp has permitted you to restrict who sees your status to just your contacts. You can likewise handicap the element out and out, however you haven't could keep explicit people from seeing that data.

Notwithstanding, WhatsApp iOS beta form adds a new "My Contacts Except… " choice under the Last Seen segment of the application's security settings. As indicated by WABetaInfo, adding a person to that rundown likewise keeps you from seeing their status. The power source says WhatsApp is additionally executing more granular protection controls for both profile photographs and about areas. With the element now in beta testing on both Android and iOS, it probably will not be long until it's formally accessible in WhatsApp.

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