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The Most Needed Thinking Skill for Adults: Breaking Out

The so-called "breaking out" is the capacity to discover a answer even in the face of a complicated situation. To put it simply, it is the capability to remedy complicated problems.

The most effective section of these extremely good humans is that they can resolve complicated problems, which has nothing to do with intelligence or opportunity. It is genuinely a type of capacity to "unify information and action.

The influence of time on one's destiny

To the society, there is a parameter is their own era.

The Times have given us almost equal opportunities, but different families have completely different capacities to undertake opportunities, and finally evolved completely different results.

If you magnify your vision, this era is undoubtedly a good one, which gives ordinary people too many opportunities and choices. If you seriously invest in a field for ten years, most people can reach a very high height.

Maturity is a process from zero to one

In this process, as of the depth of each person disillusionment is uneven, there is a difference between the way of life, and will have the gap between people.

  • Look at things in black and white
    Life doesn't stay the same, and the more you mature, the more you realize that the world will never be so simple that there are only two choices.
  • Be flexible in dealing with life
    As we experience more, we find that there is a more objective view of the world between black and white.
  • After a storm comes a calm
    Fortune and misfortune are not absolute, they depend on each other and transform into each other.

This transformation is the embodiment of the highest mind, but also the premise of outstanding people.

In the final analysis, everyone's perspective on things affects their level of maturity and determines the gap between themselves and others.

Break the shortcut of thinking and reject the inertia of thinking

Find the most essential problem: the "meta-problem"

When we encounter complex problems, we always have a lot of thoughts, but we can't find a good solution. This is often because we only stay on the surface of the problem and do not find the "meta-problem".

When you master the ability to reverse the chain of cause and effect, you can extend a whole chain of thinking from a small problem, and expand your thinking.
Always allow yourself to explore and learn in order to see more sides of things; master more advanced thinking patterns, and more mental models and metacognitive knowledge.

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