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Top VC: 14 criteria for investing appropriate person

The biggest pain for investors is choosing the right track and betting on the wrong person, and the greatest happiness is getting on the wrong sedan chair and marrying the right person. So, how do you find potential people and tracks?

If the wrong person votes, no matter how good the project will be, it will be wrong. If you invest in the appropriate people, especially Internet companies, even if there are deviations and problems at the beginning, the founders can correct them through their own abilities.

Enterprising Spirit

When entrepreneurs start a company, their starting point is to achieve a career. This kind of person is relatively entrepreneurial, and has some industrial complexes and ideals in it, so he will be very focused. A dedicated team will truly do its best.

The ability to keep learning

In today's era, knowledge is updated very fast, even if you are an expert in a certain field, if you do not continue to learn, you will be eliminated. Entrepreneurs want to compete, they must constantly see the changes in the industry.

High cognitive level

Specifically, the knowledge of products, business and capital. Even if you are not a product person or a technical person, you must know where the good benchmarks are in the market; you must have empathy and be able to think from the perspective of users and the market; in addition, you must make capital a partner and understand the market. Risks and costs of different money.

The pattern of cooperation

The pattern of the entrepreneur determines the pattern of the enterprise. You must believe in the value of good people, and use various channels to dig and find good people in this industry who understand this matter best. Use personal charm and profit mechanism to attract good people to your platform, and be able to make good use of good people to make good people play to the best of their ability. value. There is no lone ranger in the primary market, and we must create opportunities to make money with many people.

Have an open mind

There is a sentence in "The Three-Body Problem", "Weakness and ignorance are not obstacles to survival, but arrogance." Entrepreneurs should avoid small achievements and be arrogant, but should have an open mind and force themselves to step out of their comfort zone to hone and learn , to accept new things and new perspectives.

"A founder with an open mind may have strong opinions when communicating with him, but when you make some suggestions to him, he will think carefully, absorb the perspectives and knowledge of various industries, and after consideration, Decide to agree or disagree with your point of view." Xu Chuansheng of Jingwei China once said.

Strong logic

When we ask entrepreneurs questions, often some people will answer the wrong question, or answer in a circle. If he answered this to investors, he would have answered the same way in the company's internal management. When an entrepreneur manages a company, the logic should be very good, where to answer the question directly, get to the point, and solve it in a few words.

The spirit of adventure

Many entrepreneurs are often the more they understand the less they dare to start a business, because they see a lot of difficulties. However, entrepreneurship is difficult and many battles, and the courage to take risks is the quality that entrepreneurs must have.

Persistence and Endurance

To succeed in starting a business, ability is only a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition. Sometimes luck or perseverance is required. You have to persevere in difficult times. Maybe if you pass this level, the future will be better.

Moral integrity

The nature of the capital market requires trust and requires very high ethical standards. For example, an investor invests tens of millions in a company, and in the end what he gets is just a little legal document, a pile of "waste paper". These "waste papers" represent investors' equity. If there is no moral trust, even if the company does a good job and makes money, it may not give it to you, or it may wash you out through some methods.

Follow business rules

In the whole business society, first, be responsible to the society, your products or services cannot be cheated; second, be responsible to the shareholders, because the shareholders paid you to support you and trust you to start a business; third Third, be responsible to employees. As the boss of an enterprise, employees only join the enterprise because they trust you.

Ability to find people

After the CEO has raised funds at different stages, the most important thing is to keep looking for people and improve the team. All things are done by people, and the ability to find people is one of the core competencies of a CEO.

Health and emotional stability

IDG Capital Xiong Xiaoge once said, "Only with a healthy body can you have a healthy mind." If you are not in good health, it will definitely affect the development of the company. Emotional stability is mental health. If emotionally unstable, he may do some extreme things when he is under pressure.

Academic background

To judge a person, resume will not be used as a very important reference. There are many elements of luck in your resume. For example, if you do well in the college entrance examination, you will be admitted to Tsinghua University; you may pass a certain interview and you will go to Alibaba. For investors, what kind of people an entrepreneur makes friends with, what is his reputation among his friends, and what role does he play in a matter, these factors may be more critical, but he must have the knowledge of the industry cognition.

Vote for the person you like

Buffett said that when he invests in an entrepreneur, he must be willing to bring his family to dinner with the entrepreneur. If everyone can become friends, you will be able to do good post-investment service, and you will be willing to help him.

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